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The program shows results of competitions to spectators on the additional monitor, the LCD-TV or through a projector on the screen and is developed under the order of professional organizers of competitions.


The program shows the name or a trade mark of competition, time of game in minutes and seconds from zero forward or up to zero back, goals, number of a time and advertising lines.

The width of a font steals up automatically under the size of the monitor of a computer. Advertising running lines can be loaded into the program the right button of the mouse from «Reklama.txt» or simply to enter in an operating window.

Names of teams can be entered also in «Teams.txt» and then to choose in a window of installations.

The trade mark of competition should be a parity {ratio} 1:7, for example 146 х 1024 pixels.

For an operating window it is possible to create own back background «Background.bmp/jpg» in the size 420 х 220 pixels.

On the ending of game the sound signal «End.wav/wma» will sound. At desire it is possible to choose a sound file and to expose time, for example 60 seconds prior to the ending of game.


As system time of a computer the program can show a divergence till 1 second after a pause here undertakes.


The basis of the program is a football in halls, but it can be applied and in other kinds of a snatch where goals are considered, points, as for example: Rugby football, basketball, handball, water polo, badminton... For hockey, volleyball and tennis we have other programs.


We recommend well to learn to use the program prior to the beginning of tournament, to print out combinations of keys and during a match to not start extraneous programs.


Step by step


1. Connect the external device, include a computer and start the program.

2. Make necessary installations: a title part, duration of game, the name of teams, colors and fonts, speed of a running line, a choice of a sound file and the external device.

3. Enter your name or the name of sports club and if you have not received from us a key of activation press the button « Code via mail ».


After payment we at once shall send you a code for the program. After reception of a code of money do not come back, but we shall eliminate the found out discrepancies free of charge.


You have not the right to give, sale or to borrow {lend} the registered version or a key to it, but you can copy, distribute it the test version and advise it further without our consent.


The program can improve only if it will be on sale. If the program for other kind of sports with other functions simply write to us is necessary to you and we shall answer.


Actual contact data you will find on the Internet-page: